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Fedor Fedorov and the FHA staff are excited to have you join us for the 7th annual FHA Summer Camp 2024 in Harbor Spring, MI! We have an amazing hockey camp planned for you this year with some NEW and exciting things.  Your hockey camp is just around the corner so we wanted to give you one final update on what your player needs to bring, the daily schedule, and a few other directions for your players hockey camp experience to be successful.  Please note, start times are different per age group. Please arrive on time!



-Please have your player arrive at their assigned time. 

-If your player is not feeling well and indicates they have a stomach ache, headache, runny nose, etc. please keep them home.

-Group 1 (5-10 years old) can arrive dressed in hockey gear in the morning or dress at the arena. Trainers will assist them as needed, therefore parents are welcome to drop the players off and go, then pick them back up at the end of the day. For the second skate of the day the trainers will assist with hockey gear as needed. However, our goal is to teach this group to gear up on their own so they are ready for hockey season.

-Players under the age of 10 need to check out with a trainer prior to leaving the camp daily. 


-Parents may be asked to sign out their players.


-A Full Concession Stand will be open for players to purchase lunch, snacks, and drinks. Items range from $1-$5. (Daily lunch special is $5 and will include a drink and entree of the day.)


-Please leave valuables home! The rink is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 


-Cellphones: If your player brings a cell phone they will have to keep it in their hockey bag/backpack in their locker room. They can view messages at lunch/snack and at pick-up time only. If you need to contact your player due to an emergency please call the arena and staff will locate them.


-Pro Shop: You can purchase FHA items, tape, laces, wax, skate sharpening, and etc..


-Skate Sharpening: The most important thing you can do for your hockey player is to keep their skates sharp. We recommend you have them sharpened at least once a week during camp. We will not be sharpening skates during the first day of camp. Players can leave skates overnight and pick them up from the pro shop in the morning prior to their 1st skate of the day. Payment must be made for skate sharpening prior to the players picking up their skates. Day of sharpening is $10 and overnight $8. If you would like to prepay for several skate sharpening at once you can do so in the pro shop then your player won't need to worry.


-If your player needs to leave for an appointment or other situations please email with the player's name, age, and details so we have it in writing. We will not let group 1 players leave the building without a parent/adult checking them out. Please come inside to pick up your player. 


-Players are not allowed to leave the camp or cross the road during the day.


-If you do not wish to have your players photo/video taken for FHA promotional purposes please let an FHA staff member know at check in.


-FHA has a NO bullying policy and players will be asked to leave camp immediately and never be accepted into another FHA camp in the future.


-GROUP DESCRIPTIONS BY BIRTH YEAR: Please report to your birth year appropriate group on your first day. The FHA staff will be evaluating players and some players may be asked to move up or down a group certain days, sessions, or weeks depending on current skill level and maturity. Please tell your player they must be asked to move to a different group, and not to automatically move to a different group on their own.

Group 1 (2018-2014)

Group 2 (2013-2010)

Group 3 (2009 and older). 


-The last on ice session of the week on Thursday for each group is a scrimmage. All families are encouraged to attend for their viewing pleasure.




-Full protective hockey equipment and stick(s). (Please make sure players' hockey socks will stay up, we recommend velcro pants or garter belts.) No clear tape around socks, makes skating challenging for youth.


-All age players need their name taped onto the front of their helmet.





-  Water bottle labeled with the player's name.


-  Good Tennis Shoes. (No sandals. No crocs. No flip flops.)


-  Change of clothes or at least extra socks, t-shirt, and sweatshirt. Players will be participating in off ice activities inside the arena.


-  Sunscreen spray if your players burn easily. Groups 1 & 2 will be outside for part of the day.


-  Spending money (Concessions, Pro Shop, and skate sharpening) 


-  Lunch, and at least 2 healthy snacks with a lunch drink. Your players will burn calories fast throughout the day so pack enough food to refuel them accordingly. (We do have a concession stand and you can purchase lunch daily, but most kids run out of their snack quickly so extra is always a good idea.)


- Players in Group 1 can not bring cash. If you are sending concession stand money with a player please send it in an envelope and hand it to a trainer at check in. Please make sure to include the player's name and birth year. This age group will then have the money placed onto their concession stand account to use as needed. Funds remaining at the end of their camp can be picked up at the concession stand. They can also use these funds at the pro shop if needed.


-  Street stick for Group 1 & 2.


-  A positive attitude!


Each group has a different arrival time to allow players to enter and pass through efficiently. Please arrive on time, we have only allotted certain times for FHA staff to administer check in. Otherwise your player will miss their chance to enter for the day. 


DAY 1 - MONDAY (Check-in/Jersey):

Group 1 (2012-2016) arrive between: 7:10-7:30am

Group 2 (2011-2008) arrive between: 7:30-7:50am 

Group 3 (2007 and older) arrive: 10:10-10:30am



Group 1 (2012-2016) arrive between: 7:30am

Group 2 (2011-2008) arrive between: 7:50am 

Group 3 (2007 and older) arrive: 10:30am





I think that covers the important items. If you still have questions please email us any time.The FHA Team is excited for camp to start and we will see you soon!


Petoskey Ice Arena 

Fedorov Hockey Academy

231-487-1843  (office)  (website)

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