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Little Traverse Figure Skating Club in Petoskey, MI

Learn to skate program starts October 2020

Petoskey Area Hockey Association

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The Petoskey Ice Arena PRO SHOP is open for business and sharpening skates.

$6 overnight sharpening or $10 day of sharpening. Do not wait till right before your game to request sharpening. If possible please leave them overnight and tag accordingly. If you would like to make plans to drop them off and pick up just email:

Petoskey Ice Arena - Home of Fedorov Hockey Academy

Petoskey Ice Arena is a family and community activity destination for all ages in Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, and Northern Michigan residents. With extensive renovations completed in 2019, the facility is a premier venue for youth hockey, adult hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling, open skating, and more. 

Online Store / Online FHA Clinic Payments

While the arena may be open for private rental and FHA Summer Camp, the Proshop remains closed to face to face customers due to covid-19 precautions. We have implemented an online store for our customers /parents to pay for skate sharpening, tape, laces, sticks, FHA clinics, FHA summer camp concessions, and other hockey related items. Please follow the link above or below and select the items needed for purchase. We will not accept any on site payments. Once a purchase is made the Proshop will have it ready for your next visit, or they will give you a call to pick up your items. You can even pay on your mobile device and pick up your item while at the arena. If you need skates sharpened you will need to tag the skates with your name cell number and leave  them on the table near the front entrance with prepayment online. They will be sharpened within 24 hrs and ready for pickup. If no payment is made online they will not get sharpened.

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We are currently open for private rental and FHA Clinics only. Please email if interested in renting the ice. Players and coaches  will need to follow the guidelines or you will not be allowed to enter the rink. See details below.

The Petoskey Ice Arena would like to thank all the players and parents that have continued to support us during these pandemic months. The arena covid guidelines are set in place with the guidance of a physician. Keeping the players and staff safe is our #1 priority. 


After advisement from our guiding physician during the month of October 2020:

Practice/private rental ice guidelines for Squirts (u10), PeeWee (u12), Bantams (u14), Midgets (u16), and High School players: only 3 coaches and up to 25 players in arena on ice , no other adults or siblings can enter.  Guidelines for Mini Mite (u6) and Mites (u8) players: only 3 coaches and up to 25 players in arena on ice , one adult can enter to assist player. Only 5 adults in locker room at one time. All arena rules must be followed by adults and players. Such as masks and social distancing. We ask that the mini mites and mites come dressed and just put skates on when they are inside the arena.

Private rentals: up to 3 coaches on ice and maximum of 25 people/players on ice. No other adults can enter unless a participate is 8 yrs old or under, then one adult per child.

For hockey teams renting ice for games  in the month of October 2020 we can now implement the following guidelines: 3 coaches on bench and up to 17 players per team, 2 score/clock keeper, plus 2 adult per player will be allowed in to view the game. No adults in the lockers rooms. Coaches will be given 2 wrist band per player to assign to the adults before they enter. Wrist bands may not be transferred to another adult during the game.  

The Petoskey Ice Arena will  continue to work with a physician at the end of each month to see if any of the guidelines can be adjusted to allow more people into the arena.

These guidelines are set in place to keep players and staff safe and allow the arena to continue to stay open during this pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding!

Petoskey Ice Arena






Petoskey Ice Arena will gradually open to the public and reintroduce programming as it is safe to do so. Petoskey Ice Arena will restrict visitors inside the arena when ice is rented, or when offering events to maintain safe distancing. The health and safety of our staff, players, coaches, and families is our #1 priority.

If you are visiting the Petoskey Ice Arena for a private rental or FHA clinic you should BE PREPARED before your visit: 

✓ DO visit the website for specific and updated policies and procedures. These policies may change, from time to time. Email the rink for up to date safety and health guidelines if you would like a copy to pass along to your team.

✓ DO plan to arrive at the rink no more than 20 minutes before your scheduled program so that we can control the number of people in the building. Enter the building as a team, the doors will be closed after you enter.

✓ DO wear a face mask off-ice at all times. 

✓ DO make sure no one in your group has a fever, cough or other symptoms of COVID-19.

✓ If you or a family member have a medical history that places you in a high-risk category for COVID-19, we recommend that you do not enter. 

✓ Only 3 coaches per team. During games, 4 parent per player will be allowed to view the game. No parents in locker rooms.  Parents are to practice social distancing while watching the game.

✓ DO leave valuables/personal items at home ~ we will no longer maintain a Lost & Found. 

✓ DO plan on paying online prior to your visit so that you do not have to handle checks, cash, or credit cards. Failure to prepare may eliminate you from your event. If you already have an account with the rink we will invoice your account.

✓ DO make sure everyone in your group understands social distancing, that is staying at least 6 feet away from others inside the common areas of the arena and locker room. 

✓ DO use the hand sanitizers provided at our rink and wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. 

✓ DO avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

✓ Be prepared to exit the facility no more than 15 minutes after you are finished skating so that the Petoskey Ice Arena staff can properly clean before the next group arrives.



EVERYONE  will enter the front door and exit out the south side door to the left of locker 4.

✓ Please dress as much at home as possible before coming to the rink. (Goalies, do what you need to do.)

✓ The spots marked with an X in the locker rooms are locations players must sit to assist with social distancing. Lockers room can have 9-12 players only depending non the room(s) you are assigned..

✓ DO have each player bring their own boldly labeled water bottle with their name. NO sharing water bottles. No team water bottles.

✓ DO avoid body contact on ice.

✓ DO practice social distancing on the bench. Only 3 coaches allowed on bench during games. 1 clock/score keeper, and up to 17 players per team during games. 


The Petoskey Ice Arena staff is taking the following steps for your safety: 

✓ We will try and stagger arrival times for groups to minimize customer contact in the common areas when possible. If we have back to back programs please what in locker till the other group takes the ice before you exit.

✓ Practices: We are limiting programming to minimize the number of people on the ice at one time to 20 players and 3 coaches.

✓ Games: 1 clock/score keeper, only 3 coaches allowed on bench during games, and up to 17 players per team. 1 adult per player will be allowed inside to view the game. No parents inside locker rooms. Social distance and masks mandatory at all times for non players. (Coaches will arrive and collect at the door wrist bands to allow 1 adult per player to enter. Wrist bands are non transferable during game. Each game will have a different color band. Teams and adults must enter 20. minutes prior together for safety / health check.) Doors are locked after entrance. All must exit within immediately  after game.

✓ We are providing hand sanitizer in several areas.

✓ We are cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, restrooms, locker rooms, player benches, penalty boxes, dasher board rail tops as often as possible, with CDC-approved disinfectant.

✓ Our employees are receiving specific training in COVID-19 protocol. 

✓ Our employees are practicing social distancing, undergoing medical screening and frequently washing their hands.

Even with these precautions in place, the Petoskey Ice Arena cannot eliminate all risk associated with COVID-19. By choosing to make use of this facility, guests are assuming the risk that they may contract COVID-19 at the facility despite Petoskey Ice Arena’s best efforts to provide a clean and safe environment. 

Thank you for doing your part!

Petoskey Ice Arena Staff



Follow the link for employment opportunities to officiate. Please read the full details before signing up to work a game.!/showSignUp/70a094eaea92ca1f94-referees


The Petoskey Ice Arena is a family owned and operated business. Please email the rink if you are in need of information or have questions for quickest response time. 


Petoskey Ice Arena

3450 M-119, Harbor Springs, MI 49740  
(231) 487-1843